We live in a time where all people are being over polluted with messages from advertisers and brands vying to gain their attention. Attention is a vital currency to a brands success. Many advertisers using Facebook have become deeply upset that Facebook has updated their algorithm so that fans see less of their posts. On average about 5% to 10% of a pages’ followers will see any given post in their feed.


I can understand why Facebook has taken this course of action in controlling the newsfeed. People unequivocally don’t like seeing their newsfeed polluted with irrelevant messages, ultimatley they use Facebook to interact with family and friends. If Facebook allowed every promoters message into the newsfeed, the users would become quickly unhappy with the Facebook platform. The move by Facebook to alter its algorithms is actually also in the best interest of advertisers in order to preserve the platform.

This is why it’s extremely important that, as advertisers, that we take every step to target the right audiences and build trusting relationships. It’s not about the quantity of people that we connect with, but rather the quality of contacts we make with people. Facebook is an extremely powerful tool in understanding and reaching people of interest to a certain brand. It’s so powerful, that we can segment out a certain audience to hear a specific message that will matter to those select individuals. More likely, this method will attract people to your brand who have a genuine interest in your content. And if they have a genuine interest, then they’re more likely to become an advocate for you, which makes your social power that much more enhanced.


We have a client that has done a good job with this to date, even before we took over their social media. Over the years, this individual, has been developing their following with people who are like-minded and have high propensity to become strong advocates. This makes pushing new content and graphics much simpler out into the social sphere. These advocates are much more likely to engage with our content and share with their friends.

Creating Brand Fans: The Value of Customer Retention

A good place to start in cultivating these advocates is by collecting them into an email list. Use social media platforms, like Facebook, to target and message those who resemble your audience. Then subsequently begin working to get them to convert over into your email list. Getting someone to hand over their email is a privilege and not an easy thing to accomplish. That being said, once you’ve converted someone over into doing that, you’ve essentially gained their trust and opened the door for them to start becoming your advocate.


The Facebook newsfeed learns what users want to see and if they interact with your content on a frequent basis, that will teach the social media platform that your content is important to them. Additionally, if you’re creating good content that people engage with then Facebook will allow more and more users to see that specific post. This is how you can raise the bar on the 5% to 10% who see your posts on average. Facebook advertising is a way to promote and target specific groups online to see your content. It’s important to learn and fully understand how to use this advertising platform to achieve high success.

Facebook Advertising