Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents often dismiss social media as part of their marketing plan but when used strategically, it will build community, generate leads, and grow your business. Here are some social media tips for real estate agents in Phoenix: Identify Your Target Market: Saying that you’re selling Phoenix real estate isn’t enough. You’ve got to [...]

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Carly Fiorina Wins the Battle Online

Politics is a constant war of ideas. To win the war, political candidates must win the message. Social media allows us to understand how political candidates are performing online and allow them to recognize opportunities on which they can capitalize. It was clear that Carly Fiorina won the message at the first Republican Presidential debate. [...]

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Is WordPress the best for your website?

Are you creating a new website wondering which website creation tool to use? You’re not alone. We talk to a lot of small business owners who are creating their first website on their own using affordable platforms like Wix, Weebly, Blogspot, and SquareSpace. While these are great options, they often find their business expands or [...]

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The Leap of a Lifetime – One Year Later

One year ago today marks when I decided to make the greatest leap of my life: I decided to sign on my very first home, leave my job, and become an entrepreneur all on the SAME day. Rightfully so, many thought I was crazy. Heck! I thought I was crazy. However, I thought what better motivation [...]

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Advocates — It’s about quality, not quantity.

We live in a time where all people are being over polluted with messages from advertisers and brands vying to gain their attention. Attention is a vital currency to a brands success. Many advertisers using Facebook have become deeply upset that Facebook has updated their algorithm so that fans see less of their posts. On [...]

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The War Over Your Plastic

Have you always dreamed of taking all those cards in your fat wallet and turning them into just one? Well, that technology isn’t much farther in the future! Over a year ago, Coin came onto the scene with their neat idea and launched a slick looking video to convince people to crowdfund the project: It [...]

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iDecision: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus

My first iPhone device was the iPhone 4s. I had converted over from the Android X2 and couldn’t have been happier with the transition. I soon became an Apple-everything-user after becoming pleasantly surprised by the iPhone. My Contract with my carrier expired in February of this year and I was determined to not upgrade until the [...]

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Creating Brand Fans: The Value of Customer Retention

New Customers May Not Be the Answer Many struggling businesses seem to think that bringing in MORE customers is the solution to their financial problems. They are always trying to think of different ways to reach out to NEW customers through advertising or offering special deals. What they don’t realize is that this is only [...]

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Reporting & Monitoring

Running a social media campaign is often times more difficult than expected. Facebook and other social media sites have become oversaturated with advertisements and “spam.”  Hence, Facebook users have become very good at just skimming through their news feeds and passing right by the majority of these advertisements. Facebook has also updated their algorithm to [...]

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