Content is King. Simple as that. At SocialTech Consulting (STC) we believe that the next generation of marketing is not about who can only produce the most content, but content that people are actually going to care about. What type of content do people like? That’s a good question.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that people want fresh and visually appealing content. Your targeted audience isn’t going to want to read through a bunch of text, but would rather look at an image and understand what you’re trying to communicate.

This is a generation where most people are not going to look past the first page on Google searches. They’ll just refine the search if needed. The same applies to your content. If it isn’t something that grabs them in the first few seconds, they will just scroll right on by without a thought or feeling invoked .

If you’re successful, people will either “Like,” comment, re-tweet, share, etc. And this is exactly what you want in order to gain maximum exposure. Facebook, for example, recently changed their algorithm so that not all your followers will get your content – only some people will be exposed to it. Therefore, it’s critically important that the first initial viewers interact with your content otherwise it will stop being viewed.

The simple lesson: create good content. STC can help with that. Check out our Services page for more information. Or look below for examples of content we’ve done: WinnerCindyNicholson (1)                               Sal Email Banner v3                 BusinessAndFinance