One year ago today marks when I decided to make the greatest leap of my life: I decided to sign on my very first home, leave my job, and become an entrepreneur all on the SAME day.

Rightfully so, many thought I was crazy. Heck! I thought I was crazy. However, I thought what better motivation is there to get my business off the ground than a looming house payment? Surely that would provide enough motivation to keep me moving forward.

Luckily for me, my first mortgage payment wouldn’t be due until January 1, 2014. This gave me 50 days to work my tail off to bring in clients.

One thing that you have to understand about my personality is that I’m very competitive in nature. And nothing gets me going like a good competition.

For me, it was now do or die. The competition with myself was on. Did I have what it takes? Would I fail? Could I overcome the barriers that lay ahead?

It hasn’t been easy. Its unequivocally been the hardest undertaking in my entire life. Regardless, I knew making this leap would make me a stronger person and bring me closer to the dreams, hopes, and desires that I have for my life.

I do a lot listening to podcasts and one of my favorites is Marketing Access Pass with Anthony Tran. In one of his episodes, he played a video clip from Steve Harvey that really spoke to me titled: “You Gotta Jump to be Successful!” Watch the video below:

I just love this video. He’s absolutely right. You’re going to have to fight to open up your parachute. You’re going to get slammed into the rock walls. You will get bloody. You will have black eyes. You will fail at times. But, you must ALWAYS press on.

The same has been true for my own story. I have more cuts and bruises than I can count. I have failed over and over again. But today, I’m still standing with the same tenacity I had one year ago. More importantly, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge for the future that I will continue to build upon. All of this has made me a much stronger person than when I was standing in safety.

In closing here has been one of the biggest takeaways from this year that I’ve developed into a personal routine:

I get up at 5am every day to plan out that days activities, I spend time educating and growing my mind through podcasts or reading, I get a good breakfast in, and I spend focused time tackling my biggest-ugliest-most-hidious-task that needs to be done for that day. Developing this routine into my schedule has allowed me to have more done then most people by 9am.

You must build the good habits that are going to make you more successful. And you need to invest the focused time and energy into honing in on your craft each and every day.

The great athletes and thinkers of the day do it. You can too.