Promote Your Restaurant More Effectively

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey famously yelling at people on T.V. to effectively use social media to advertise your restaurant. We live in a day and age where social media is accessible with the the touch of a fingertip. Following these  quick, easy and efficient steps can help more fully utilize social media to draw in those hungry crowds.

Tip # 1: Utilize the various forms of social media available to you.

We no longer live in an era restricted by cords or dial-up. There are several platforms to enhance communication with your customers. Such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. Blogging about your newest favorite trend has taken a leading role in social media. Having a social media page for each of these outlets gives you better opportunities to communicate with your customers.

If you want to highlight a new menu post about it on facebook. Tweet about some of the recipes. Post photo’s on Instagram of the scrumptious food to be had.

Tip # 2:  Have one unchanging voice and tone.

Once established on social media, decide on the tone of voice you’re going to use. This voice will be the same throughout all your platforms. You want it to appeal to your customers in a friendly, welcoming manner.

Use the same style of photographs with all your posts on instagrams and create a hashtag unquite to your restaurant. Use the same formating for blog posts and include pictures you can find on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Have a common face – chef or staff member – as a spokesperson for your restaurant. Something familiar and easily associated with your restaurant.

Tip # 3: Interact with your customers

Branching out into the social media realm gives you the ability to interact and communicate with your customers outside of Yelp reviews. Facebook allows direct commenting on posts, pictures and promotions. They can share posts, like the page. When they post reviews, respond to their feedback negative or positive. Make them feel validated and apart of the resturant family. Engage their opinions, ask them what they’d like to see on the menu or have them vote for a particular item.

Offer promotions or exclusive deals to customers who are followers. Special coupons or discounts for those who share a post or like a picture. Encourage them to check in when they come to eat and win special treats.

Tip # 4: Highlight your chefs and staff.

Help your customers and followers get to know the masters behind their meals. Get them familiar with your staff and the service they can expect to receive. Spotlighting your staff and letting your customers get to know them gives more life to your restaurant. They feel more connected to your restaurant.