Real Estate Agents often dismiss social media as part of their marketing plan but when used strategically, it will build community, generate leads, and grow your business. Here are some social media tips for real estate agents in Phoenix:

Identify Your Target Market: Saying that you’re selling Phoenix real estate isn’t enough. You’ve got to narrow your target market so that you can focus on marketing to those people or geographic areas. It doesn’t mean you’re sticking to only one target market or that you will turn business away outside a particular area.

Identifying a target market means focusing on one or two areas instead of all over the place. Examples include:

  • First time home buyers in Gilbert
  • Families in Chandler
  • Young professionals in Tempe looking for their first home

Once you’ve selected your target market, develop a marketing strategy, including social media.

Pick the Right Social Media

The right social media for a real estate agent depends on who your target market is. You have to meet your clients and prospects where they are. As a general rule, the best social media for real estate agents is a Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

  • Facebook page – That’s not your personal profile but a page for your Phoenix real estate business where you post listings, local and neighborhood news, and events.
  • YouTube used to be the best place to save videos of virtual tours – and it still is in terms of ease of use and SEO – BUT Facebook may be the next gen for videos as they are now offering direct uploads of video.
  • Pinterest is where women ages 35-55 years old with six figure incomes and household buying power are spending their time – and their money. Create images of homes for sale, local hotspots, and link to your listings and website.
  • Instagram for brands is relatively new and is attracting users ages 18-34 years old, making it perfect if your target client is young.
  • Twitter is used for content curation and research. Use hashtags (#) for your city (#Gilbert) to find news and events and to share your content to your community.

Post Consistently Using these Tools

It doesn’t matter if you identify a target client and open social media accounts if you’re not consistently sharing content. All too often we see real estate agents only posting when they have a listing. While that may increase interest in a particular property, it’s not developing a relationship with your online community. Using tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social as well as the Facebook scheduler, you create a consistent brand message for your clients and prospects.
When we’re asked to recommend a real estate agent, we’d love to say YOU and point them to your social media. Contact SocialTech Consulting (480-331-8152) to learn how we can help grow social media for your Phoenix real estate business!